đŸ¤”Understanding Human Nature

It is all about vision. My experience with successful people has brought out the following, this is true in majority of the cases in Indian environment and conditions:

  • person succeeds in our country if he is made in a certain way or becomes a certain way. While growing up all parents teach their children the strong values of our society and culture from prehistoric times.
  • The years of slavery and oppression and then post-independence the extension of the Oppressors continued.
  • The real world of business or jobs in various fields comes as a shock. The strong who refuse to budge from values are generally shunted or weeded out.
  • The weak and the mild mannered or the unscrupulous people slowly but surely rise on the good work done by the valued and strong.
  • The voices in the mind keep shouting in both type of people.
  • Each one starts suppressing the voices in their minds as per one’s own convictions.
  • The higher they rise lesser they listen to both the voices in their minds and the world around.
  • Their vision becomes foveal and myopic. It reaches a level that all they see is only attainment of their selfish interest any which way or employing all unethical means. They learnt it while rising that pleasing the right people is all that matters, and others are only cannon fodder.
  • This is the big plague in our society. The roots of deep state guiding the unscrupulous is too deep. There is no escape.
  • Now most of you would see the logic/ illogic of the state of our country.
  • Perceptions are more valued than truth and reality.
  • Generally people are ill-informed and gullible. Leading to confusion and frustration.
  • A time comes when people do not want to see anything beyond their own self. They hate reality, truth, and peripheral vision.

This in short is the sad story. But trust me all is not lost. There is hope and justice. KARMA is always watching.

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