"Mental Agility: Re-Engineering the Mind Make Learning Easy Program

Importance of Power of Mind for Skills and Learning

  • Every child enters the world with the same physical brain. However, from birth some appear to have been endowed with the gift of speedy learning. These children have a natural ability to retain information and recollection of complex data. They have no struggle to recall, lead their peers with little effort and out class them. However, the rest struggle to get to the next level all the time and find it difficult to acquire additional or new skills.
  • This training is designed to upgrade the ability to recall, diagnose complex problems, analyse situations then develop solutions. Mental agility training can turn an ordinary average learner to an extraordinary gifted learner, making it easier to acquire new skills.
  • Training the mind is essential to develop the intellect and the power of critical thinking. The ability to recall, process, analyse information to solve difficult tasks require higher level of thinking. Untrained, the mind can remain dull and unproductive. The human brain is like a central processing unit of a computer, which processes information in a structured manner, then recall the details stored.
  • Mental agility is critical to learning because the brain is the center where all information is stored. An average brain retains every detail for short-term or long-term. The brain determines where to store the information depending on the significance of the task.

Key Benefits

  • Our Re-Engineering the Mind training program is designed to enhance and develop the average student with an average learning ability to an exceptional student. The skill development program has students of varying age groups with varied backgrounds in serious need of re-engineering the mind. Our training program will cause a paradigm shift to ensure ease of skilling and learning.
  •  An average learner will become a gifted learner once the mind has been given the right training in the prescribed environment by our unique step by step “Make Learning Easy” program.
  • Through collective learning we inculcate:
    • Team building
    • Leadership qualities
    • Public speaking
    • Self-confidence
    • Self-esteem
    • Stress management
    • Camaraderie
    • Create a foundation of a strong social fabric

Our Programmes

The training is customized as per requirements of the educational institute within our three/four level programs for Mental Agility: Re-Engineering the Mind.

Our unique English language learning and proficiency program is an extended six months program. We enable students to read, write and speak English in six months.

Customised programs on Character building, Family Values, Discipline and entire gamut of soft skills modules for school children of all ages.