💡Search of Happiness

One especially important aspect of life that people fail to recognise, it is that all happiness and sadness is within you. People blame everyone else for their miseries except the real cause of the misery that is themselves.
Being miserable or facing difficult situations in life are integral part of your existence on the planet. If someone asks your well-being or inquiries about your ailments does not become the root cause of your unpleasantness in life. Rather than looking at the root cause of your own failure generally we tend to blame it on someone totally unrelated with the issue just to find a false recourse and satisfying your false ego. When the reason of the failure is the false ego so dear to you.
One slang ‘ Shooting the Messenger’ should always be kept in mind.
Another important aspect of life is that there are no secrets in today’s world. Except something that you do in your bedroom or bathroom everything is open and known in some form or the other.
It is best for you to recognise your present predicament and accept it. That will give you freedom to be. Freedom to live your own life. Casting aspersions on others and blaming the environment for your own state will only lead to aggravate your misery.
KARMA is supreme. Remember you are in your state totally owed to your KARMA. Blaming the environment will only give you more BAD KARMA.
Go inside yourself to find the cause of your own unhappiness and happiness. God Bless you.

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