💡 Fear is the key

Fear of punishment is a protector of mankind in every way. Even when everyone sleeps the fear of punishment remains awake. Hence punishment has also been attributed as the key function of the rulers it is also the “Raja Dharma”. Fear of Punishment is the protector of sanity, belief, faith and money. Hence punishment is the all protector. A large number of people do not sin for the fear of punishment. Some fear god some next birth and some from fear of each other do not sin. Hence we can say fear is the key. If the fear of punishment is not there some people wouldn’t mind eating each other. If punishment is not protecting us the entire mankind will be doomed.

Now the important question, what is punishment? For a learned, punishment is admonishment by word of mouth. “I thought you to be a gentleman” is enough punishment for an aristocrat. A soldier’s punishment is to pay him only enough for food. Punishment for a business man is to fine him money. There can be no punishment for a subsidiarity. Being a worker is enough punishment for them. Punishment is the most important facet in the protection of the mankind.

A place where the fear of punishment is always hanging around and the ruler is continuously on the lookout for offenders, and the punishment is severe and harsh, the populace do not indulge in crime.

It is very clear that the fear of punishment keeps people on the right track. Without fear no one prays on donates or becomes philanthropic. Finally if there is no punishment the world will be destroyed in no time at all.

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